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Short Fiction

“The Shrieking Horror” in The Nameless Songs of Zadok Allen and Other Things That Should Not Be (JayHenge Publishing, March 2023)

READ AND LISTEN ONLINE – “The Use of Reflections in a Storm” in The Razor (November 2022)

READ ONLINE – “Quantum Forever” in MetaStellar (September 2021)

READ AND LISTEN ONLINE – “A Heist in Fifteen Products from the Orion Spur’s Longest-Running Catalog” in Clarkesworld Magazine (August 2021) and as a Clarkesworld Magazine podcast.

READ ONLINE – “The Kipnibbles Singularity” in Electric Spec (First Publication May 2021)

LISTEN ONLINE – Also in Catscast (Audio production, Reprint – November 2022)

“A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” in Asimov’s Science Fiction (First Publication March/April 2017)

Also in Titanic Terastructures (JayHenge Publishing, Reprint – November 2021)

READ AND LISTEN ONLINE – Also in Cast of Wonders (Audio production and text reprint – May 2019; selected as a best of 2019)

Also in Forever Magazine Issue 40 (Reprint – May 2018)

READ AND LISTEN ONLINE – “For the Love of Sylvia City” in Clarkesworld Magazine (First publication May 2015) and as a Clarkesworld Magazine podcast

Also in The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 2015 (Baen, Reprint – June 2016)

READ ONLINE – “Whale on a Tilt” in Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #51 (April 2015)

“Vanish Girl” in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 28 (January 2013)

“The Getaway” in Iridum Sound’s The Again (August 2012)

READ ONLINE – “Winter Smoke” at Every Day Fiction (November 2011)

Interactive Fiction

Washington Independent Review of Books

Weightless Books Blog Posts

Ghosts of DC Blog Posts

Potomac Review Literary Journal Blog Posts

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